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E.G – U.S. said:
I think the first lesson was intimidated, every time he said, \"It's easy, you should know this!\" \" It's not too difficult\". \" I am surprised that you don't know\".undervalued, since he made no effort to learn names or praises, or give a positive feedback.Irritated, by his aggressive body language, lack of helpful gestures, voice and unwillingness to truly engage.Frustrated, when he neglected to give adequate instructions for the worksheets or relevant feedback. Unimportant demonstrated by the lack of interest during the study phase. The second lesson was the more effective because the learners communicated with each other and the teacher more, using their limited knowledge of English. There was a sense of connection between the teacher and students.The objective of the lesson was clearly stated from the beginning so that the students knew what to expect. Each phase of the lesson was distinct and explanations so that students were clear about the expectations.The teacher's manner was friendly. In this lesson, the teacher encouraged students to work in pairs as a different strategy to working alone. He also gave them a time limit for completion of a task which ensured that the lesson kept a lively pace.