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M.K. - Mongolia said:
This unit's focus is class management, which represents a crucial and vital aspect of teaching. Without a good class management the teacher will face various problems and obstacles and will have a hard time carrying on the lessons and establishing a rapport with the students. Therefore it's clear how managing a classroom correctly makes the whole teaching-learning process a lot smoother and easier, and helps decreasing the levels of stress of the students. When it comes to class management there are so many aspects that a good teacher should focus on: eye contact with the students, gestures and posture, use of the voice, the pros and cons of workgroups, individual work and pair work, the classroom arrangement (orderly rows, horseshoe, separate tables, circles), position of the teacher, writing on the board, teacher talking time and student talking time (teacher talking time should be reduced to a minimun without losing control of the class or the activity). A good teache should be able to coordinate all of these aspects in order to maintain discipline and create a serene learning enviroment based on a trustworthy rapport with the students. Of course, sooner or later, every teacher will be faced with problematic students and behavioural problems,but keeping in mind all those point might help preventing a great number of unpleasant situations, that might become an obstacle to learning.