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Video A1 and A2 are the different types of lessons. They show that the teacher's attitude and enthusiastic teaching would influence the sutdents' feedback and interaction, also can make a big differences on the understanding level. The shine point, in my opinion, is teacher in lesson 2 remembered the students' name and indicate the polite to the students that get a very good rapport.Keep smile on teacher's face also help to build a better connection and trust between teachers and students.Both above are as important as a good lesson structures to let the lesson be a good lesson.During this unit I learned that speaking and writing are considered productive skills. Because the English language can be complicated teachers must create the need and desire for students to communicate. Students may become discouraged and confused with using homophones and homographs or punctuation. That's why it is important for teachers to focus on both accuracy and fluency. Activities and emphasis should be focused on fluency activities. This allows the student to be creative. Another way for students to be creative and have fun while learning the language is playing games.