TESOL Walpole Masachusetts

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This unit has taught me a lot about lesson plan structure and new ideas to incorporate into a lesson. The ENGAGE part of the lesson is used to get the class interested and excited which will help in the upcoming lesson. During this stage we can use anything from songs to games and everything in between to help the students get their minds thinking in \"English mode\" so to speak. The STUDY phase is made to properly introduce new material and help the students understand it. During this stage you can use worksheets, games, etc. to see their comprehension on the new material and move on from there by helping them with correction that need to made. Lastly, there is ACTIVATE. This is the part of the lesson to push the students in the right direction by maybe giving them group activities or conversation topics and have them use what they have learned from the lesson. This stage the teachers should try to interrupt as little as possible in order for the students to work it out among themselves.