What is TESOL certification?

TESOL certification is the required qualification that aspiring English language teachers need to qualify for the majority of teaching positions. However, due to the absence of established regulations governing TESOL certification, the process of selecting the right option can be challenging. Conducting an online search will reveal a diverse range of courses, characterized by significant differences in terms of study duration and financial investment, further complicating the decision-making process.

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How many study hours should I look for when researching TESOL certification?

In-class TESOL certification

Online TESOL certification

Combined TESOL certification

Other types of TESOL certification

TESOL course packages

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How many study hours should I look for when researching TESOL certification?

One straightforward approach to categorizing the various TESOL certification courses available involves the average number of study hours that are often indicated in the course title. On the lower end of this spectrum, you will encounter cost-effective courses requiring as little as 20 hours for completion. These might appear enticing due to their swift certification process. However, these brief courses usually lack adequacy for most mainstream TESOL jobs. While they may suit voluntary teaching roles, if you want to land a job that pays well you might need to set a higher goal.

To meet the prerequisites for the majority of ESL teaching positions, the widely acknowledged minimum TESOL certification stands at 120 hours. At ITTT, we offer three fundamental pathways to attain this level of certification, alongside various packages and standalone courses that can elevate your qualifications beyond this initial standard.

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In-class TESOL certification

The journey to achieve in-class TESOL certification unfolds over four weeks within a training center overseen by experienced teacher trainers. Trainees typically reside in nearby accommodation and engage in study activities from Monday to Friday, while enjoying weekends to connect socially and explore the local surroundings. A significant advantage of this course variant is the inclusion of teaching practice sessions held within an authentic English language classroom. These practical teaching experiences are guided by a course trainer who offers ample guidance during the planning phase and subsequently provides a comprehensive review after the lesson.

An in-class TESOL course can provide a further advantage as they are typically conducted in regions where a robust demand for qualified teachers exists. For those interested in staying within the area, our team can offer assistance in identifying potential job opportunities, as well as providing support with CV/resume creation and interview readiness. The social dimension of the course is equally significant. Spending time with fellow trainees beyond the classroom setting can foster lasting friendships and facilitate the exchange of insights, thereby offering mutual encouragement throughout the training experience. An in-class TESOL course encompasses:

  • In-person instruction
  • Practical teaching experience
  • Excellent employment prospects
  • A fun, sociable environment

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Online TESOL certification

Online courses present a convenient and efficient pathway to attain TESOL certification from any corner of the globe with a dependable internet connection. This mode of learning is open to a wide spectrum of people, including those facing financial constraints that would make a residential course challenging. With minimal operational costs, providers can offer courses at affordable rates and upon successful certification, you will be able to apply for teaching positions across a diverse range of countries. As long as your TESOL certification meets the minimum requirement of 120 hours and originates from an internationally recognized provider like ITTT, securing a suitable teaching role is generally straightforward.

Our most popular online option is the 120-hour TESOL certification , which mirrors the content covered in our in-class version. This qualification boasts global recognition and wide acceptance among employers, opening up numerous opportunities for our graduates. While this approach does not inherently include in-course teaching practice, we extend the opportunity for every online trainee to partake in optional teaching practice without the necessity of attending a physical training center.

How do online TEFL & TESOl Course work?

Combined TESOL certification

Our third alternative for certification involves a combined TESOL course that amalgamates aspects from the previous two methods. Essentially, this course is divided into two distinct segments: an online component and an in-class component. The training begins with the online phase, which covers the theoretical basics of the English language and effective teaching methodologies. Notably, this segment permits a self-paced approach, allowing completion without adhering to a fixed schedule. Once the theoretical foundation is established, attention moves to the in-class segment.

During this phase, attendance at one of our training centers becomes essential, with a duration spanning between eight and ten days, contingent on your chosen location. Throughout your stay, you will engage in practical teaching sessions and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of classes conducted by our highly experienced trainers. The in-class section of the combined TESOL course spans eight days at our centers in:

  • New York City, USA
  • Paris, France

Or ten days at our centers in:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Rome, Italy

Everything you need to complete the online section of the course

Other types of TESOL certification

All three of the aforementioned options culminate in a TESOL certification that will allow you to secure favorable teaching positions across the most sought-after regions, which encompass:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America

However, if you want to broaden your scope with a wider array of job prospects and the potential to vie for elevated teaching positions, it is worth contemplating supplementary TESOL certifications to enrich your portfolio. One well-regarded avenue is to pursue an advanced-level Diploma in TESOL, which can be seamlessly integrated with the initial 120-hour course, forming a consecutive learning experience. Completion of this advanced diploma will provide a formidable qualification that has the potential to set you apart from the competition and enhance your candidacy for a variety of teaching roles.


TESOL course packages

Another increasingly favored pathway involves opting for comprehensive course packages, which will expand your TESOL qualifications with extra courses at a reduced cost. Our assortment of packages all begin with the fundamental 120-hour online TESOL certification course. Subsequently, you can navigate through the courses included in your chosen package in any sequence and at a pace tailored to your preferences.

If your intention is to venture into the realm of online English teaching, our 170-hour TESOL course with online specialization is a popular option. This sought-after package encompasses core teaching principles while also addressing the distinctive dynamics of online instruction.

For those seeking a more extensive edge, we offer the 220-hour Master Package and the comprehensive 550-hour Expert Package. These packages encompass multiple courses that furnish you with a clear competitive advantage. In addition to the foundational 120-hour TESOL course, the Master Package integrates two 50-hour courses centered on teaching English to young learners and instructing business English. The Expert Package encompasses these same courses, augmented by the 250-hour Diploma in TESOL and a 50-hour course dedicated to online English teaching.

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