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This unit has tackled the sensitive and often discussed issue among teachers, regarding the correct usage of the course books and the supplement materials available on the market. It has also compared the created materials with the authentic ones. We, as teachers, must create a healthy balance of the two and this unit explains the reasons why it is so important and strongly recommended to use one´s own creative skills and not necessarily rely on the book. There are a way too many books out there and we must search for the right one for our class based on a number of factors. I have realized this complexity of the material that a good teacher must look at. It is not just about the price and availability, but the structure of the book is of the highest importance. I didn´t think of how much teachers should adapt, replace or supplement the course books materials. It is also about getting to know your class well and observing the issues that your own students have so that you can address them appropriately.