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The attitude that we go into classes with along with our level of preparedness is key to having sucessful lessons. This is quite clearly shown in the two videos where, in the first the teacher is very techical, but not very understandable or relatable. His statements of 'this is easy' only serve to make student more reluctant to participate, however well meaning it may have been. The second video shows a much more engaging class that builds off itself to produce a lesson that involves activities to keep students engaged and actually asks the students to complete sentences on their own.English learners can encounter many mistakes and errors when studying conditionals as it can be difficult to spot the differences between them. Students need adequate time and suitable activities to practice using conditionals and work out the language difficulties that arise. With reported speech, certain rules should be observed. For example, quotation marks are never used as the reported speech is not an exact quote of what was said. In addition, the pronoun may change to show context, and the time must also be modified to reflect that you are speaking about the past in the present.