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C.D. - Italy said:
Unit 13 covered teaching special groups. In the unit we studied five groups beginners, individual students, young learners, business English students and monolingual versus multilingual students. Beginners can be grouped into five categories the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and beginners without a roman alphabet. With an increase in demand for one to one lessons the teacher needs to balance what the student wants and what the student actually needs to be a successful English speaker. Teaching children brings it's own set of criteria to keep young students motivated. Like speaking slower and exaggerated. Lots of repetition, game playing visual aids miming by the teacher and frequently changing activities during the lesson. When teaching business English it is important to look and act as a business person but you don't necessarily need to know anything about business. A level test and a needs analysis of each individual is imperative when designing a syllabus that meets majority of the students wants and needs while giving any special attention when needed. Thus hopefully a class that the students will buy into and enjoy. Monolingual and multilingual classes both have their advantages and disadvantages.