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The unit provides how teach vocabularies and grammatical functions. Before teaching the vocabularies, the teachers have to think how to select the target vocabularies effectively. After teaching, the students need to know about the knowledge of the vocabularies to use in the communication. This unit shows the way how to teach the students new vocabularies and new grammatical functions and which methods are very helpful to the teacher. Moreover, this unit is related to the previous units so I can learn well how to use the ways learned from all the units in the real classroom situation.This chapter expressed the ways to manage a classroom. It started with a simple concept of how our eyes, voice, and gestures help the students understand information and ended with how teachers can use discipline in the classroom. I found this chapter to be very useful especially when there would be a subject such as when class arrangement was brought up and we went over the positives and negatives of each one. I also enjoyed when it went over discipline because I have found that it's hard to figure out what is the best form of discipline to keep students headed in the right direction.