How do I get a job teaching English in Vietnam?


1. **Qualifications and Requirements**
2. **Finding Job Opportunities**
3. **Visa and Work Permit Process**
4. **Living and Teaching in Vietnam**

Qualifications and Requirements

To secure a job teaching English in Vietnam, you typically need a bachelor's degree, preferably in English or Education. A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification is also highly recommended. Some schools may require a certain number of teaching hours or previous experience. Additionally, being a native English speaker or having a high level of proficiency is often preferred by employers.

Finding Job Opportunities

There are several ways to find teaching opportunities in Vietnam. You can search online on job boards specifically for English teaching positions in Vietnam, such as Dave's ESL Cafe or You can also reach out to language centers, international schools, and universities directly via email or their websites. Networking with other expat teachers in Vietnam can also lead to job openings through word of mouth.

Visa and Work Permit Process

To work legally in Vietnam, you will need a work permit. Once you have secured a job, your employer will assist you in obtaining the necessary paperwork for your work permit application. This typically includes a criminal background check, health check, and notarized copies of your degree and TEFL certificate. Your school will also provide you with a sponsorship letter for your work permit application.

Living and Teaching in Vietnam

Living and teaching in Vietnam can be a rewarding experience. The cost of living is relatively low, which means you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle on a modest salary. Vietnamese cuisine is delicious and affordable, and the country's rich history and culture provide ample opportunities for exploration. Teaching English in Vietnam also allows you to make a positive impact on the lives of your students and immerse yourself in a new and vibrant culture.

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