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As part of our commitment to helping graduates in their post-course job search we have developed close ties with some of the top recruitment companies in the world of TESOL. If you choose to work with these well-respected organizations you will be able to find a teaching job without many of the hassles and fuss that can occur when applying for jobs independently. By following this route you will generally have all the arrangements in place before you leave home, which can be a real bonus for anyone who is unused to the world of overseas teaching and travel. Job applications and interviews are typically completed online and the recruitment company will usually arrange any visas or work permits that are required.

As it is up to the employer to pay any fees that are incurred by the recruitment company, it will cost you nothing to find a teaching job via this route. It is also perfectly normal to register with more than one company to ensure you have as many options to choose from as possible. If you are looking for a straightforward and hassle free start to your teaching career, a recruitment company could well be the right option for you. Wherever you want to teach English around the world, ITTT has many ways to make adventure come to life.

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