TESOL Short Courses (5 Days) | ITTT


If you are located in the USA or Canada and are thinking about teaching English abroad, you might want to consider one of our short-format combined courses that offer a convenient mix of online study followed by five days attendance at the training center of your choice. This is a good option if you like the idea of reinforcing the knowledge gained during your long distance learning by additional in-person instruction from a professional teacher trainer.

This unique course option is currently available in 16 different locations across 13 states of the US, and in the city of Toronto, Canada. If you prefer to be in a big city you can join us in great destinations such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Diego, or San Francisco. Alternatively, we also have training centers in smaller locations that are just as popular, including Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Madison. Although all of our course locations have their own unique attractions, every center shares the same high quality training delivered by qualified and experienced professionals. If you are eager to get your teaching career started, but would like the reassurance of face-to-face instruction, take a look at our 5-day combined course.

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