TESOL Certificate - Notarization


If you require additional authentication with your TESOL certificate, either for a potential employer, government office, or just for your own satisfaction, there are a few options to consider. As all our certificates are printed and sent out from Thailand, it is possible to have a notarized copy of your certificate stamped and signed by a Thai Notary Public. You will receive this copy and the original certificate in the post. This service has a set fee of $45.

Another option we can offer is to have a copy of your TESOL certificate authenticated by the ITTT registrar and then signed by a Notary Public. With this option you will also receive the notarized copy and the original certificate by registered post, wherever you are located in the world. The fee for the registrar verification and Notary Public authentication is set at $95. In reality, the vast majority of our course graduates will have no need of these additional services, but we are always happy to arrange them for anyone that does.

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