You can Issue your own TESOL Certificate!


One of the benefits of being an ITTT TESOL course graduate is the option of issuing a high-quality certificate of completion to any student who completes a set number of English language lessons with you. When issuing a certificate you can enter the name of the student, their language level, and the number of study hours they completed. Their certificate will also have a unique identification number and a box where you can enter your own ITTT certification number. Thanks to these features, all your students and anyone who has an interest in their language ability will know they were taught by a fully qualified ITTT teacher.

This option is a particularly good way to stand out from the crowd if you are teaching in an area where the competition for students is high. Another great benefit is the motivation they can give to your students as having something to work towards can be a very positive force in any form of education. Wherever you find yourself teaching students around the world, having the option to issue a certificate of completion is one more item in your toolbox as a professional ESL teacher.

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