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Many of our trainees worry that they lack the experience and qualifications needed to teach English abroad and some think they might be too old to take a training course with us. The simple answer to these concerns is that the demand for TESOL qualified teachers around the world is so huge that there are plenty of opportunities out there for everyone, regardless of their age or background. Teaching experience is rarely required in most overseas jobs, in fact, the vast majority of people currently working as ESL teachers have never previously worked in a classroom before. Having formal qualifications such as a degree is also not essential. While it is true that a degree is required in order to get a work permit in some countries, there are significantly more countries worldwide where no such restrictions are in place.

If you have concerns about your age, don’t, as you are never too old to start a new career as an English language teacher. Once again, there are some countries where a mandatory retirement age can limit the options for more mature teachers, but these are few and far between and the vast majority of destinations have no restrictions on age. At ITTT we have welcomed many thousands of trainees over 50 years old and most of them have gone on to teach English in classrooms right across the world. The bottom line is that your age, academic background and previous work history are not relevant when it comes to completing a TESOL course with ITTT, as we believe that every fluent English speaker can potentially become a top class language teacher.

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