More than 25 Years in the Teacher Training Industry

At International TESOL and TEFL Training (ITTT) we have been providing high quality certification courses for over 25 years. Since 1993, when we set out with the intention of raising the standard of English language tuition around the world, we have successfully trained in excess of 100,000 new teachers, many of whom are currently working in diverse locations worldwide from Argentina to Zambia. With our many years of experience and a long history of graduating knowledgeable, well prepared, and motivated teachers, we are confident that we offer the very best start to your new teaching career.

Although we are proud of our success over the years we are careful to avoid complacency, which is why we continue to make improvements to our products and services on a regular basis. We are constantly looking to update our courses with new content and to add new certification options which meet the needs of the ever-changing international English teaching environment. We currently offer an extensive range of TESOL course options that are available online via distance learning, in-class at one of our international training centers, or as a combination of the two with a combined course.

Specialized and Advanced TESOL Courses

Over the years we have also added specialized courses that are designed for teaching business English and teaching young learners, as well as a Diploma in TESOL that is aimed at teachers who are looking to climb the career ladder with the help of an advanced qualification. In recent times, more and more trainees have been looking to complete multiple courses to ensure they have all the skills and qualifications necessary to give them an advantage in the international job market. In response, we created our Master Package and Professional Package which are designed to give any trainee a head start when commencing their teaching career. The most recent additions to our course options are our Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) courses which allow you to become TESOL qualified and gain highly beneficial teaching practice without having to attend one of our training centers.

Keeping Pace with Changes in the TESOL World

Since we started our TESOL Courses over 25 years ago the world of English language teaching has developed and changed in many ways, something that we are well aware of. Teaching methodologies have developed, technology in the classroom has moved on extensively, and the most common destinations for teaching English abroad have also changed. All of these changes bring issues that need to be addressed before heading overseas. At ITTT we are confident that we have kept pace with these changes and that we are still the market leader in providing quality TESOL certification that will open the door to countless opportunities worldwide.

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