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E.C. - Italy said:
This unit reviewed the different types of teaching methods and the ways that they may be employed in the classroom. Some methods seemed viable, while others, like the silent method, seemed outdated. During my Linguistics education, I learned that language acquisition is near impossible if the student is not listening to and speaking the language. If the student is not in an environment where they are able to hear and speak English, then the teacher plays a crucial role in providing that language source. For the teacher to remain silent would inhibit language-learning. The latter portion of the unit was much more interesting to me, as I have a lot of knowledge about language structures, but not as much on teaching and lesson-planning. Learning which lesson structures and activities work best for lower-level learners versus advanced-level learners is important for me, especially as a teacher in training. The numerous examples of activities for each of the lesson sections have given me ideas for how I would like to structure my own lessons for my future students.