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A.K. – U.S.A. said:
Unlike the receptive skills, productive skills require the student to be for more active in their learning. With receptive skills, the student need only be able to process information given to them, but speaking and writing require that the student not know how to construct the target language, but that they do so with both accuracy and fluency. In order to accomplish this, the teacher must emphasize certain features at certain times. For example, repetitive drills will help the student to learn pronunciation as well as sentence structure, however this alone will not help the student to learn English. I, for one, can rapidly say certain set phrases in French such as \"Bonne annee\", Bonsoir.\" et cetera. I can even introduce myself, and ask for directions, but if I were to try to move beyond that, I would have a lot of difficulty. That's why the ability to speak fluently and fluidly is important as well. At this point, getting the point across is more at this point than minor mistakes. Even native speakers make mistakes. Even though accuracy is less important at this stage, it should still be noted, and any glaring mistakes must be addressed.