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A.L. - Korea said:
Many adults have had bad experiences of learning English at school, and often remember their English lessons as being dull and repetitive. Using realia and other visual aids will generate interest and help create an atmosphere conducive to learning. Realia for young learners If you are going to teach English to young children, realia is a must. Young children are at the perfect age to learn a language and as visual learners, you should try to tap into their natural creativity. Bring in fruit, vegetables and lots of toys. Children love to role-play and enjoy playing games, so ask them to move animals onto tables, under tables, or around the farmyard. Make up simple stories using toy animals or puppets, and children will enjoy their English lessons, and be motivated to learn. Using Realia for learning vocabulary/grammar It is unrealistic to bring real objects into your classroom for every single word that you wish to teach and some words will lend themselves better than others to using realia. Remember, realia can be used indirectly as a tool for teaching grammar; for example, items of food and drink are perfect for teaching uncountable and countable nouns.