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K.H. – U.S. said:
In this unit I have learned that the the difference between stress and intonation is that, intonation is for a whole sentence or phrase, not only for a word. I have also learned that depending on how many syllables a word has and if it is a noun, verb or adjective will affect where the stress lies in the word. I have also learned that the in the Phonemic Chart, its layout is very specific. The consonants starting on the left, when pronouncing start closer to the front of the mouth and the farther right you go the more to the back of the mouth. I have also learned that a few manners of articulation are: Plosive, Fricative, Africate, Lateral Nasal. Combined with the place of articulation make different sounds. Some of the places or Articulation are: Bilabial, Labial-Dental, Dental, Alveolar, Palatal-Alveolar, Palatal and Velar. Last but not least I have learned that some techniques of pronunciation that can useful are: Visual pictures or diagrams showing places or articulation, the demonstration using our own mouths, Peer dictation (one student reading to another, and the student listening writing down what they are hearing) and of course tongue twisters.