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In this unit I had the opportunity to see two real-life examples of language teaching. These two examples have been juxtaposed to reveal the effective and ineffective ways to approach the Engage-Study-Activate (ESA) method. After viewing video 2 I was able to see, quite dramatically, the importance of being Engaged; simple gestures such smiling, showcasing personality, and building a rapport with one?s students is conducive to an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for students to open up and be as engaged as the teacher is. Moreover, the use of Mime, hand gestures, and facial expressions helped to elicit information easily, as the students seemed eager to provide additional vocabulary for later use. Watching these videos helped me to conjure creative ways to approach potential activities for the Activate stage. Also, seeing a real-life example helped me feel at ease about teaching and brining my own respective style to the classroom.