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R.D. – Spain said:
This unit is about teaching English to specific groups or individuals which can be beginner students of kids in school, company employee's in a business classes, individuals in tutoring or business classes etc. Each (age) group and teaching environment (school/company) has different needs and reasons for teaching English and thus requires the teacher to adapt their teaching approach, attitude, lesson plan and preparations and manner of interaction with students according to it. The unit contains alot of tips, activities, problems that might arise and other important things to keep in mind when teaching in these different settings with different dynamics and specific groups. An important thing I learned was that teaching young learners should be focussed on group activities and games and not adressing/prompting individual responses. What I personally want to keep in mind as well is keeping instructions short, direct and simple when teaching young learners and paying attention to group dynamics and giving fair treatment and attention to each individual.