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This unit has been about the diffetent teaching methods used today and covers other methids aswell which have been used in the past. Some practices of teaching may be used today still, such as the Silent Way. Regardless, this unit has introduced and shown how there are many different teaching methods and tools/games/ways to help teach a variety of ways. I was not aware that there were so many ways to teach a language. It shows me there is no cookie-cutter way for language teaching/learning and to me that is a good thing since everyone is their own individual and unique.This unit was mainly focused on all the different types of English classes teachers can come across. I really enjoyed reading about all the different types of beginner courses their could be. I like how ITTT went over again techniques on how best to tailor a program to different types of students and how to be an effective teacher to beginner students, no matter their age range. Business English classes was a new section for me to read about and it was very informative, which was good thing to read over, including the Needs Negotiation, that concept was brand new to me.