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Unit 17 was a good overview for classroom resources. I am already aware of most of the tools used, either through observation of classes or as a student experiencing those resources myself. I look forward to seeing what my school will have to offer me. Whether or not the advanced technology will be available, it will be good to do some trial and error on everything to see what might work best with the students from class to class. Working on a black/dry-erase board and using worksheets and visual aids seem to be the stalwart support for any class.In this unit i have learned the difference between different groups of students when it comes to the English language. When you have people from different countries studying together I think it helps motivate the students so they see why it is important to learn English. Its almost always best to always speak English in the classroom, in all levels. The only thing that divides the different groups are the topics, which has to differ from different groups and individuals. You always have to judge every situation and always teach at the right level.