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This unit teaches about conditionals, such as \"if\" clauses as well as reporting speech to others. The unit shows how verb tenses change according to either zero, first, second, third or mixed conditional forms of conditionals. For example, zero conditional is used to refer to actions or facts that cannot be altered or changed. Other conditional forms are used to express situations that have occurred, are presently occurring or that will occur in the future. These are often confused by students, and the lesson offers a few examples of how to help prevent confusion.This lesson taught me how to effectively plan a lesson, using a simple, clear and concise layout. Also, you have to be flexible with plans and constantly update your sequence of lessons to suit the students? progress. For example, if you were teaching your class the formations of the past participle, you couldn't move on to have them form the present perfect simple before they have a good grip of the past participle. If more time and practice would be required before you are able to successfully move on, you would have to be flexible with your sequence of lessons.

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