TESOL La Matanza

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J.J. – U.S.A. said:
The content of this unit covered a skeleton intro for the grammer and structure of the English language. The unit began by exploring different parts of speech used to develop a sentence, (the subject and verb) and continued on introducing other parts of speech and their classification. This classification was explored further by a deconstruction and overview of the purpose and meaning that different parts of speech have in sentence. This helped to spotlight the notion that in many circumstances different words can have multiple functions, this just depends on the context for which they're used. For example, a verb can be either transitive or intransitive, this just depends on how it is used. An example of the might look as follows; \"she usually leaves her glasses on the bedside table\" would be transitive because it is followed by a direct object (her glasses). Whereas the following sentence; \" she usually leaves around nine on Fridays.\" Qualifies as intransitive use of the verb because it is not followed by a direct object and is instead followed by a prepositional phrase.