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S.C. - France said:
Unit 9 focused on materials involved when teaching English classes. I found it helpful and interesting to list some of the major advantages and disadvantages to created vs. authentic materials. It made other comparisons with provided workbooks vs. teacher-created syllabi and exercises. I'm not sure whether my own classes will include a workbook, or whether I would be able to choose it myself or not, but the factors listed when considering which to use additionally helped in looking at the importance of what will help or hinder a class. I had not strongly considered using authentic materials up until now, but the motivation and interest they could provide to students will serve as a reminder not to omit them from any course studies I will be teaching. This chapter overall really motivated me as a teacher to make sure that no matter what I am provided with, I will need to do as much research and employment of my own ideas for study and activate exercises to create an environment where the students will have the chance to make the most out of learning English in my class.