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R. W. – U.S.A. said:
Language has four basic skills; reading, writing, speaking and writing. This unit focuses on receptive skills, reading and writing. We read and write either for a purpose or for entertainment. How do we read? There are different skills we employ when reading and writing; prediction, scanning, skimming, detailed and deduction. Potential problems in teaching and learning receptive skills are mainly connected with the language in the texts, the topic and the tasks that go along with them. I?ve learnt that there are difficulties in teaching receptive skills but there are different ways to avoid these problems. I can pre-teach the vocabulary, select the texts carefully, choose topics that interest and motivate the students, vary the type of material and create interest before reading/listening. Comprehension task is an important feature in teaching receptive skills. I should use realistic comprehension tasks that aid understanding. Some activities are jigsaw reading and jumbled texts. We can use games like tic-tac-toe and jeopardy in the activate phase of the lesson to practise different skills. These approaches will definitely help me to produce a successful receptive lesson.