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M. S. – U.S.A. said:
Teaching methods and techniques are varied and sundry, but the main points to remember about teaching are that students need a combination of instruction and the opportunity to use what they have learned in creative ways. Praise is essential if students are to blossom and grow, but a degree of correction is also necessary at times. Self-correction is best as a student will more personally attach to what they learn than if someone else is constantly correcting them. Teaching methods have come a long way. Through the years many different types have been employed, but it seems to me that the most effective strategies involve opportunities to put language to use in practical situations. PPP, Task-Based, and Communication-Based models offer excellent opportunities for this along with a balance of time to practice spelling and pronunciation as well as new language concepts. But in all cases the teacher should talk far less than the student as the more the use the language the more they will become comfortable and confident with it. The examples of Enagage-Study-Activate activities promises to be a most useful resource in days to come!