TESOL Zhangshu

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T.H. - Netherlands said:
When preparing to teach a language an integrative approach of receptive and productive skill lessons is needed for a well balanced lesson. Receptive skills include reading and listening while productive skills focus on speaking and writing. We read and listen for two reasons, one is for entertainment, like a movie. The other reason is for a particular purpose, like learning how to use a camera. Likewise, we write and speak for a particular reason, or for entertainment. Language can be difficult, one might want to pre-teach essential vocabulary for understanding and leave other vocabulary work for a later date. When introducing text is is good to have authentic and non-authentic tests, the latter matching the student's abilities and the first giving them the assurance of their skills. Topics taught in class should motivate the students and create interest making the tasks more fun and engaging, and also challenging but achievable. I am not sure I learned anything from this unit. I feel that my knowledge and thoughts about how to teach have only been reinforced.