Can couples or friends teach English abroad together?

It is not uncommon to find friends or couples enjoying the shared experience of living and working abroad as ESL teachers. Despite this, there are still a few things that you will both need to consider before you jump on the next plane.

Where can couples or friends teach English abroad together?

The most important thing to consider if you plan to head overseas to teach with a friend or partner, is that you need to choose a destination where you both have a realistic chance of securing a suitable job. Many people dream of relaxing in a hammock under the palm trees between lessons, but the limited number of jobs in these locations might make it difficult for both of you to earn a good income. In contrast, big cities in most parts of the world generally have a high demand for ESL teachers, which means that finding good jobs should be relatively straightforward for both of you. You also need to remember that in some countries it can be difficult to find a teaching job if you are not a native English speaker with a college degree. If this situation applies to either of you, it is vital that you research the specific requirements of your chosen destination to avoid any major mishaps.

Do TESOL employers tend to employ couples or friends?

While it is common to find teaching couples or friends sharing an apartment, it is not always that common to find them working in the same school. Often employers will avoid taking on two people together because they are afraid that when one decides to leave they will lose two employees at once. Having said that, there are some employers who take a different view as they feel that the support that a couple or friends provide for each other can help them to find their feet quicker in their new environment. If you have any concerns you should contact each potential employer directly, or you can simply send your applications and wait to see what happens.

When is the best time for couples or friends to find work teaching English?

Whether you are planning to teach English with a friend, partner, or on your own, it is always good to know what the best time of year is for job hunting in the country you have chosen. In some regions such as Europe and Latin America there are specific hiring seasons when your chances of finding your perfect job are greatly increased. With a bit of forward planning and research you can ensure that you and your partner/friend arrive in town at the ideal moment to start your new teaching career overseas.

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