How do online TESOL courses work?

Distance learning has become an increasingly popular form of study in many fields of education and ESL teaching is no exception. To ensure we continue to provide a high level of convenience and affordability we regularly add new course options to our online range.

Are online TESOL courses as good as in-class TESOL courses?

Our 120-hour online TESOL course covers virtually all the same theory subjects as our in-class TESOL course. The main difference between the two course options is observed teaching practice (OTP). During an in-class course trainees get to spend many hours practicing their teaching in a real classroom under the guidance of experienced teacher trainers. Because of this practical experience, in-class TESOL courses are generally seen as superior to courses that do not provide any practical training. However, while our in-class course is highly recommended, our online courses still provide a good alternative for anyone who lacks the time or funds to attend a four-week residential course.

If I choose an online TESOL course, will I still be issued a full TESOL certificate?

Yes. Completion of our 120-hour online course results in an internationally recognized TESOL certification that is accepted by employers in countries all around the world. Our advanced TESOL Diploma course and our specialized CTEYL and CTBE courses are also fully recognized worldwide. The international standard for TESOL certification is generally seen as a minimum course length of 100 hours, meaning that short format courses do not result in full certification. In this category of training course, our 60-hour online option provides a great introduction to teaching if you plan to work as a volunteer, but it is unlikely to be sufficient for a lot of full-time employers.

Who accredits the online TESOL course certificates?

ITTT has a range of online courses that are externally validated and moderated by OTTSA (The Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency). Our courses are regularly inspected to ensure that we maintain a high standard of content and delivery.

How will I receive the online TESOL course study materials?

All our online course materials can be accessed via our online training system. The written materials are presented in PDF format and can be printed off for you to work on and keep for future reference.

How will I be assessed during an online TESOL course?

All our online TESOL courses are divided into individual units that are each followed by a short multi-choice test. It is not necessary to reach a specific score in each individual test, however, an average score of 75% across all the unit tests is required to achieve the pass rate. After all the units and tests are complete, you then submit a final essay online for assessment. Upon completion of all the units and the final essay, you will graduate from the course and receive your certification.

How quickly can I finish an online TESOL course?

The TESOL Diploma course has a maximum time limit of twelve months. All our other online course options have a six month maximum. Within these time frames you are free to work at any pace you like. Average completion times vary from around four weeks for the 60-hour introductory course to around eight weeks for the 120-hour TESOL course. Trainees in a rush can theoretically finish the 60-hour course in as little as five days, while the 120-hour course can be completed in around ten days.

How will I receive my online TESOL certification and how long will it take?

Certificates for all our online courses are sent via registered post. Each certificate also includes a cover letter and a unique ID number that employers can use to check the authenticity of the qualification. On completion of your course, the certificate will be posted within five working days and will take in the region of two to three weeks to arrive. We are happy to supply a scanned PDF copy via email while you wait for the original and we can also arrange an express delivery option via DHL. This express delivery service takes three to four days and is charged at a rate of $50, wherever you are in the world.

Do online TESOL certificates say 'online' on them?

No, none of our certificates state that they were completed via distance learning. Each course results in a specific certification that only states the number of study hours involved and not the method of study.