How long do TESOL certificates last?

Whether you opt for an in-person TESOL course or prefer the flexibility of an online course, the expertise and knowledge you gain from an ITTT program will never become obsolete. Successfully finishing an ITTT course results in a lifetime valid academic certification. ITTT online course participants undergo periodic evaluations during the course to assess their grasp of the course material. A final comprehensive written task marks the end of each course.

What if I haven’t taught in a while?

While your certificate doesn't have an expiry date, it is not unusual for teachers to feel the need to revamp or rejuvenate their classroom skills. One possible option is to enroll in a 120-hour online TESOL course to brush up on your knowledge. Alternatively, our short, specialized TESOL courses are available to broaden your expertise in a specific teaching field. We offer several specialized ITTT courses for first-time or continuing education:

  • 60-hour ITTT Course in Teaching English Online (CTEO)
  • 60-hour ITTT Course in Teaching Business English (CTBE)
  • 60-hour ITTT Course in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL)

Check out our full range of specialized TESOL courses.

What if my employer would like the certificate apostilled?

In certain countries, employers might request that your certificate be apostilled, notarized, or legalized to fulfill governmental stipulations. Our team at ITTT is equipped with a variety of solutions, information, and services to support graduates with any such requirements.

How do I verify an ITTT certificate?

Our certificate verification page allows for easy validation of ITTT certificates. Prospective employers or government departments can swiftly verify a certificate by entering the unique certificate number.

What if my employer has misplaced my certificate?

In the event an ITTT certificate gets lost or misplaced, our administration team can facilitate a replacement certificate along with global postage. This is useful if you frequently switch jobs or apply for visas in countries known for less efficient visa procedures or mishandling of applicant documents.

How do I turn my certificate into a diploma?

For those TESOL certificate holders seeking a higher qualification, our Diploma in TESOL course is an excellent way to deepen your understanding of ESL teaching techniques and the broader industry.

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