Is a level 4 TESOL a good qualification?

Yes, a Level 4 TESOL is a good qualification for teaching English, especially for those new to the field. It is widely recognized as the foundational level for teachers starting their careers in teaching ESL, both online and overseas. Holding a Level 4 TESOL certificate enables you to confidently apply for a diverse range of ESL teaching positions. This level of qualification is acknowledged and valued by most schools, language centers, and online teaching platforms worldwide. It provides a solid base in teaching methodologies, lesson planning, and classroom management, ensuring you are well-prepared to begin your ESL teaching career.

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What do the different TESOL levels mean?

What about the ITTT course-level framework?4>

What do the different TESOL levels mean?

The different levels of TESOL are designed to rank the many courses available into an easy to understand pyramid of qualifications. Potential teachers, and those with previous experience can use the table to compare their options and to make an informed decision on which courses are best suited to them and their future plans. However, it is also important to point out that there is no single course-level framework, as many countries and individual organizations have their own versions in place. The good news is that most frameworks are based on the same criteria, which means that they are all similar in design. The features looked at when ranking courses in this way usually include whether they are part or full-time study, whether any practical training is involved, and how many study hours the course requires.

What about the ITTT course-level framework?4>

At ITTT we have our own course-level framework that allows our trainees to compare all our options to ensure they make an informed decision when choosing a TESOL certification course. Our framework currently includes courses from level 3 to level 7, giving you plenty of choice no matter what your teaching plans or current level of certification.

At level 3 we have three specialized courses that can be taken once you have completed an initial higher level course. These options are great for boosting your teaching knowledge and for increasing your employment potential. The course in teaching English online (CTEO), the course in teaching English to young learners (CTEYL), and the course in teaching business English (CTBE) cover all you need to know about these unique areas of ESL that make up a large percentage of English language classes in many parts of the world.

As previously mentioned, level 4 TESOL is the level at which most employers expect their job applicants to be at when filling vacant positions. Courses at this level have a minimum of 100 hours of study covering all the main areas of English grammar and classroom management. At ITTT our 120-hour TESOL certification course is a very popular option that has started the teaching careers of thousands of trainees year after year.

Once you have completed the basic TESOL qualification, you might want to consider adding a higher level course to your portfolio in order to move up the employment ladder to management positions or more prestigious schools. Many people also choose to start their training at this higher level which ensures a very strong start to any teaching career. We have a variety of courses at level 5, 6, and 7 that will greatly enhance your CV/resume and make you even more attractive to future employers.

At level 5 we have the 170-hour TESOL course with online specialization. This is a great option for anyone who thinks they might want to teach online from the start or at any time in the future. The course starts with the initial 120-hour course and concludes with a 50-hour course focused on online English teaching (CTEO). At this level we also offer the 220-hour Master Package which starts with the 120-hour course and is followed by two specialized courses: the CTBE and the CTEYL.

Our one level 6 course is the advanced 370-hour Diploma in TESOL. With this high-level certification you can start your teaching journey with a real bang, or you can add it to your CV/resume once you have gained some classroom experience. If you want to get the highest rated course on offer, then you should take a look at the 550-hour Expert Package. This level 7 option includes six elements that provide an unbeatable start to any teaching career. With this great value for money package you get the 120-hour TESOL course, the 50-hour CTBE, the 50-hour CTEYL, the 50-hour CTEO, the Diploma in TESOL, and an optional teaching practice component.

Take a look at our course levels page for full details.