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50-hr course in Teaching English Online (CTEO) with tutor support

Within the TEFL market, teaching English Online is certainly one of the fastest growing areas at the current time. In fact, it is estimated that by 2021 there could well be more people worldwide learning English Online than there are enrolling in traditional classroom based language courses. The aim of our CTEO course is to show you how to adapt your existing teaching skills and knowledge to suit this rapidly growing area of the TEFL world.

Once the course is complete you will be given exclusive access to a unique graduate network, connecting you to our CTEO alumni who are currently employed all over the world by many of the major employers in online teaching.

CTEO Target Group

This course is designed for those who are already TEFL/TESOL or equivalent certified.

The course is designed for anyone who is currently working or intends to work within the field of teaching English online.

No previous experience or training in teaching English online is required to complete this course.

Tutor Support

The tutored version of the course provides ongoing access to the support and assistance of a highly experienced online tutor for the entire length of your studies. You can contact your online tutor at any time with any questions you have or any problems you encounter on the way. Your tutor will respond with all the help you need via email within one working day.

CTEO Course Units

  • Unit 1: Course Introduction
  • Unit 2: Equipment
  • Unit 3: Working Options
  • Unit 4: Teachers and Learners
  • Unit 5: Social Media
  • Unit 6: The Online Teaching World

Summative Task

After working through each unit, your understanding of the material will be assessed before you move onto the following unit. This assessment is conducted via a short online test which allows you to check your answers and review your work before submitting. To successfully complete the course you will require an average score of 75% or more across all the unit tests. The final stage is to complete the summative task. Once all sections are complete you will receive your course certificate.

There is no set study schedule with this course as you are given up to six months to complete all the units at any pace that you are comfortable with.

CTEO Course Aims

Upon successfully completing the Certificate in Teaching English Online, course graduates should be able to:

  • Discuss and evaluate the process of teaching English online using industry standard terminology.
  • Create a curriculum based on an assessment of their learners' needs.
  • Have real-world ideas for creating individual lessons that are tailored to the student's requirements, while also having clear ideas on how to execute the lessons to a wide spectrum of target online individuals or groups.
  • Locate and create suitable materials for teaching English online.
  • Develop assessment procedures for before, during and after the course.
  • Understand the role of the English teacher in a wide variety of scenarios.
  • Identify and pursue further opportunities for career development.

Course Requirements

In order to take this specialized course you need to have already completed a TESOL certification course of at least 120-hours duration, either with ITTT or any other course provider. If you are already TEFL certified and would like to add this extra qualification to your portfolio, you can apply using the following link/form.

Multi-course Packages

If you are yet to complete a TESOL certification course, the best option is to sign up for one of our great value course packages. The course in teaching English online (CTEO) is included in our 550-hour Expert Package.. For full details of this popular course option follow the link below.