How do I get a job teaching English in Korea?


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This unit has given me a lot of ideas of how to approach the present tenses and I liked the worksheets in the video,they'll be helpful to the students. I wish this unit has more explanation of how to correct the errors as we get this a lot from our students why this and not that In a simplified wayThis unit is about class management.It is the skill of organizing and managing a class in a friendly ,relaxed manner and maintaining discipline.I find this unit useful but encounter a problem in arranging the students in a big class,about 60 students. Arranging them in groups is the best method .I never realised how many different rules I was actually using in everyday speech. Some parts of grammar are relatively easy to grasp, while some are extremely difficult - even for a native speaker. I hope that I can recall these objects quickly in the classroom setting. That will be the real test.