English Grammar - Present Continuous - Usage In this TEFL training video we look at the usages for the present continuous tense. Teaching points such as this one will come up often in a TEFL teacher's career so they must be knowledgeable about rules for English grammar. Our courses cover this grammar point and many more in our online and in-class TEFL training programs. /// Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today:

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In this unit, I have learned the different ways of evaluating student progress. I have learned the different types of exams for english learners and when it is appropriate to to test them. It is important to test the students in order to be able to see their progress and what it is they need to work on.I've learned a lot of things in this unit. The unit presents different examples of activities on how to teach the new language under ESA structure; the straight arrow, the patchwork, and the boomerang. It also consists of samples of lesson plans on how to teach vocabulary, grammar, and function lessons.