The Future Tenses - Other Future Forms - Present Continuous - Teaching Idea


This teaching idea is very similar to the activity we can use for the future continuous. We pair up our students, give them diaries and have them find the day on which both of them are free to meet. This video shows you exactly how to execute this activity in the classroom.

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The importance of teaching aids and equipment can be distinctly shown in this unit. I feel rather glad that this unit has finally come up. I do, however, think that the different equipment can be organized more effectively through the usage of charts and side by side comparisons.This Unit is about planning lessons. Planning lessons seems like a very big part of the teacher's organisation. It's important that a lesson is correctly planned but have the freedom to be kind of flexible. This unit have been very helpful to organise and make lesson plan sheets.unit 17 went over equipment teaching aids such as white boards,overhead projectors,visual aids,computers, worksheets,videos/dvds,and it also gave brief ways to use them effectivley.also the unit gave 15 online sources for lessons,dictionaries,and exercises. unit17 is very helpful