Conditionals and Reported Speech - Tense Changes in Reported Speech


This video covers all the tense changes that are required in reported speech. This video is specifically aimed at teaching reported speech in an ESL setting.

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I found this unit to be very interesting. Prior to the unit I didn't put much thought into course books. Now I see how helpful they can be and useful for planning a lesson and providing guidance for teachers and students. I hope I'll have the opportunity to use them when I teach!it was very nice to learn phonetics symbols, and it was also good knowledge to know from where the sound produced ... And it was also good to learn some techniques of teaching phonetics, and how to produce different sounds and how to drill student to pronounce the right phonetics1.A teacher needs to be frienfly, so that the students will feel relax then the whole lesson will be so effective. 2.A teacher should be more comfident about his know because the students looks up to him as thier model, they are ready to pick up every knowledge he is giving them.