Look vs See vs Watch - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between "look", "see" and "watch". The differences surrounding these three words can be quite difficult to understand for non-native English learners. However, this video looks at the three words in detail breaking down exactly how to differentiate between them.

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This unit explains how to strike the right balance of TTT and STT, how to optimise the seating arrangements, techniques to establish rapport in the classroom, and how to deal with problem behavior. It also covers how and then to group students, the use of gestures and eye contact.While the first time through was a bit freighting for me I learned more in depth this time because I spent more time reading it over and over to get a much better knowledge of what I was reading and allowed for me to get a better understanding of it I come away a much outlook of itThe unit was pretty short and simple. I don't feel like I learned very much from the lesson that hasn't already been covered in other units. I am still hoping that I will have a better understanding of how to start teaching beginner students from scratch by the end of this course.