Elbow Room - English Idioms


The idiom "elbow room" refers to having enough room to move in or having the ability to act freely, for example: The concert was so crowded that there was hardly any elbow room at all. This means, there were so many people at the concert that you could barely move.

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Unit 8 Future tenses, another unit rich with information and future predilection when we talk about our furure life. I actually liked this unit because it shows the differences between future tenses and going to be. It is one of the best and confusing unit till now in this course.I feel like this was a great and insightful unit. Learning how to approach the world of business english, and how to respect the different countries cultural needs. Knowing which questions you should be more aware of when looking for employment around the world is really help[ful.I feel like grammar is mostly practice. Even for me, a native English speaker, these things come naturally, so it's just a matter of muscle brain memory to me at this point. I like this though, it is very enjoyable to see the things I use naturally to be explained like this again.