Itchy Feet - English Idioms


The idiom "itchy feet" refers to the need to leave or a feeling of a need to travel, for example: Watching an airplane pass by is giving me itchy feet.

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This is another short unit that gets to the point. I do have some questions about the unit. I assumed teacher's taught out of a book and the lesson plans were already made so the students could pass an upcoming test. I feel like I would be lost making a lesson plan from scratch.In this unit we learned about that the specialized classes we may be instructing as teachers. This class opened my eyes and my mind about the type of students me may see and teach. Im excited about all the different classes we can teach. I think all will have unique challenges.I can say that this topic is easier compared to Present Tense which I had a confusion with. I'm still studying the previous topics. However, I would like to read more about tenses and focus on them. I'm looking forward to more challenging topics in this 120-hour course. Thank you!