They're vs Their vs There - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


"They're", "their" and "there" are three words that are often used incorrectly. "They're" is simply the contracted form of "they are". "Their" is a possessive and indicates ownership of something. "There" indicates a place. Due to the Internet and instant messaging, the three words have been icreasingly used incorrectly. However, if you'd like to use them correctly, you should keep their meanings in mind. When trying to decide which word to use remember that "they're" = they are, "their" = ownership and "there" = place.

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Planning lessons is not a very simple thing, because you have to know what goals to set a lesson that you should teach children. I liked the sample plan in this part, I will try to make their lessons. But the success of the test results, I doubt it, although I understood all the information.This lesson was a simple but helpful overview of what to expect of this course. Each unit was describes briefly so now it is clear how it is built up and what direction it is going to take. Also it was briefly explained what benefits we get from taking and successfully finishing this course.Future tenses is one of the most complicated areas of speech. There are so many different ways to use future tenses. This can be why it is harder for english language learners find it hard to learn the parts of speech. It is easy to mistake the \"be going to\" tense with future simple tense.