Lesson planning Dos and Don'ts


Lesson planning is an important part of being a teacher. While experienced teachers may appear to not require a plan it is only because they have probably taught a lesson so many times that the majority of their plan is in their head. They will still have a good idea of how they want and expect the lesson to proceed. Inexperienced teachers will need the structure a good lesson plan provides. A good plan acts as a guide to your planning. It helps a teacher consider the direction of the lesson and possible pitfalls and diversions. It also helps a teacher keep on track during the lesson but should not be so restrictive that it prevents flexibility in class. A lesson plan also serves as a record of what you have taught before enabling you to easily see what to review at later dates and to see what worked and did not work with a particular lesson. Each lesson you teach should follow a certain process that involves preparation, teaching, and reflection. Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today: https://www.teflcourse.net/?cu=YTDESCRIPTION

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In this unit, I've reviewed the modals verbs and the passive voice. so get more clearly about using them. but still the last part makes me feel a little bit confused. for example,intransitive (Type 1) phrasal verb and transitive inseparable (Type 3) phrasal verb. I'll be working on them. Thanks.In this unit I have learned the importance of teaching writing and speaking skills. Personally, I feel like these tasks are much harder than reading and listening. In teaching these skills it is important to make the students feel comfortable so that they are okay with trying and making mistakes.This until was helpful to me. It was helpful to see a teacher teaching a classroom and using the techniques I've been learned in this course. I had trouble loading the videos on my mobile device so I would recommend that you make the videos compatible with iPads, etc for those without a computer.