Why teach in Korea


What’s the attraction of teaching English in Korea? Well, apart from the opportunity to learn and explore a society steeped in history with its own unique culture, one of the reasons many people go to Korea is the money. A hardworking teacher can earn considerably more in Korea than they could in other countries in Asia, and with a lower cost of living than Japan, Korea gives you the opportunity to actually save. For people who see teaching English abroad as a way to pay their way while traveling, teaching in Korea could be the perfect option. Not only do you get to live in and learn about a new and fascinating country but you also have the ability to jet off to others in your holidays with places such as Vietnam or Thailand only a short flight away. Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today: https://www.teflcourse.net/?cu=YTDESCRIPTION

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In this unit i fund great hints and tips what various tools and equipment can i use to make the lessons more interesting and effective. In the end of the unit there is there is a great collection of online sources where i can find plentiful material for teaching and improving my knowledge aswellIn unit 4 I learned the four different present tense forms. The first form being the Present Simple. The second form of present tense is the Present Continuous form. The third form of the present tense is the Present Perfect. The final form of the present tense is the Present Perfect Continuous.i understood the principles at which so many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meaning. the 'be going'+ infinitive,the present simple and the present continuous are area of great interest for me. am really happy for this unit it throws more light on my path of struggle. thanks.