How to Pronounce 'ACUMEN'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word acumen. This word refers to a person's ability to make good decisions in a particular field. Suitable synonyms for acumen are shrewdness, sharpness, or cleverness. The word is of Latin origin from acuere (to sharpen).

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This was the hardest unit, it blew my mind, the phonetics took me a long time. I feel like I need to digest it. Perhaps in some hours I will feel more confident about what I just learned. On the other hand, pronunciation, stress, intonation were amazing, very well explained. Thank youI have learnt the formation of the future tense, very often we say sentence without thinking why has the sentence said in the way it came out. One of the thing all future tenses share in common is predictions and again all teaching ideas of future tense encourage student to speak out.It was fun to go through all this information and to be reminded of how everything should work. The best part is, when I am already working abroad and have seen how the technologies have been used: right or wrong, I can baldly say what I know now and agree or disagree when its needed.