How to Pronounce 'FIREBRAND'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word firebrand. This word has two different meanings. The first meaning is quite literal and describes burning wood. The second meaning is rather figurative as it refers to a person who is usually inflicting change as a result of being passionate about a certain topic or cause.

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First thoughts about this lesson: was a bit more intricate than I expected! Had to review some terms/ definitions. Multiple questions to me are harder than essays but I suppose this is the objective of these tests. Overall the lesson was refreshing and eye opening. Thank you for that.The usage of the tenses and in particular the past tenses it can be tricky especially for young learners. Students often use the simple past tens all the time for referring at something happen in the past. It involve a lot of practice and time in order to use the right tense properly.I learnt the about the different types of tests, what their purpose is and when they are typically used. It taught me the reasons as to why we use tests and I feel it is a great way to track progress of students and also to see what they have learned and how they will advance further.