How to Pronounce 'JINNI' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "jinni". This word describes an entity or a spirit in Muslim beliefs that can take human or animal form and influence human with supernatural powers. The word came into the English language from the Arabic word "jinn?" that can also mean demon.

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This Unit discusses classroom equipment and audio/visual teaching aids which are typically avaiblae to today's TEFL teachers. The Unit points out advantages and disadvantages of each tool/aid. At the end of the Unit, there is an extensive list of online resources available for TEFL teachers.Very good, short, straight to the point chapter. I did not realize how many different external exams there are. I also enjoyed watching the video portion in this chapter. Even though students never like taking a test, it will be important to find out their knowledge in couple with few tests.The chapter focuses on the multiple methodologies of teaching English. It also provides a deep analysis of the Engage, Study and Activate (ESA) method by Jeremy Harmer, which emphasises the importance of the balance between motivating students to learn English, and correcting their learning.