How to Pronounce 'LAMPOON'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word lampoon. This word can be used as a verb and as a noun. Used as a verb, it describes the action of criticizing a person or a topic by using ridicule. The noun lampoon refers to the actual speech or text used to critize someone or something. The word was taken from the French word lampon.

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This unit was a nice overview of what it would be like to teach english in a business context. I find it interesting and worthwhile and getting information on a business standpoint. I hope the next units are similar because I found it very interesting. Thanks for the interesting read.I found this unit very interesting especially when it comes to planning out a lesson, keeping records, how to phase it out. I do feel there is flexibility though when it comes to planning out a lesson, for instance questions 10 - 15 are how I personally feel I would present the class.From this unit I have learned that there are different class materials, like:authentic materials,created materials and course book. I also learn the pros and cons of each of them. By doing so, I think I know how to make good use of these teaching materials with my class in the future.