How to Pronounce 'QUAY' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word quay. This word is used as a noun and refers to the platform used for loading and unloading ships. Synonyms for quay include wharf, pier or landing stage. The spelling of the word was influenced by the French spelling quai.

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What i have learnt about this unit is the actually use of the materials: benefics and disadvantages. Being honest, I didnt know all the aspects that teacher needs to get focus on at the moment to slect a course book. I can say that i did learn a lot whith this unit about course books.This unite for grammar was a bit hard for me not sure if it all made since to me but overall it’s a god learning point never know that it broke in to as many parts or that there basic rules to the use of grammar so I’ll take what I’ve learned here and try to build on itFrom unit five, i have learn how to manage my class very well,making sure every students can participate in the class evenly both quick and slow learner.I have learn how to prevent bad behaviour from students and how to make my students maintain decipline at all time in the classroom.